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The license fee of $600 for DCDT+ and/or $500 for SVEDBERG (discounted to $400/$250 respectively for academic and non-profit organizations), or the fee to upgrade DCDT+ from version 1.xx to version 2.xx ($250, $150 academic), may be paid by purchase order, PayPal, credit card, check, or money order. Details for each method are given below.

Both programs may be purchased together at a 'bundle discount' of $900 ($500 academic/non-profit), or current license holders of either SVEDBERG or DCDT+ version 2 can add the other program at a special discounted 'bundle' price: $500 ($250 academic) to add a DCDT+ license to an existing SVEDBERG license, or $300 ($100 academic) to add a SVEDBERG license to an existing DCDT+ version 2 license.

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How is the Licensed Version Delivered?

No new program files are needed if you already have the trial version! After receipt of your license fee, you will receive a User Name, Affiliation, and Serial Number via e-mail or fax. In combination, these will unlock the evaluation version and remove the 30-day time restriction. Therefore you must supply an e-mail address (preferred) or a FAX number so that you can receive your serial number.

The only functional difference between the registered and evaluation versions of the program, other than removal of the 30-day time restriction, is that for registered users the 'splash' screen sequence that is shown when the program starts may be replaced with a quick display of the program version and the registration information.

Please note that the program installation file is available only by downloading via the Internet. CDs cannot be supplied by John Philo for both logistical and tax law reasons. If you order via credit card through NorthStar Solutions (see below) they will optionally burn a CD for you and ship it (for an extra fee).


Official PayPal SealLicense fees can be paid via PayPal using either a credit card or your existing PayPal account. Please e-mail John Philo and tell him you want to pay via PayPal, and also fill out and send him the order form via e-mail or fax (1-805-492-6413). John will then have PayPal generate and send an invoice that you can pay on-line via the PayPal web site. Once PayPal receives the payment John will send the license.

Credit card orders through NorthStar Solutions

In addition to the PayPal option above, credit card orders are also accepted on-line (e-commerce) by a major shareware software supplier, NorthStar Solutions. NorthStar accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. This arrangement is strictly for your convenience; payment by purchase order or via PayPal is preferable. 

NorthStar also offers an optional service of burning a CD of the current installation file for you ($8.95) and shipping that CD within the US ($4.98), but really this is not needed since the installation file is always available at this site.

NorthStar will process orders at either the full, academic discount, or bundle prices, as well as DCDT+ version 2 upgrade orders at either full or academic prices. These are each treated as a separate product on the order entry web page

Credit card orders may be placed on-line (e-commerce) at the NorthStar secure web site. They do not accept orders by phone. Optionally when completing an order via their e-commerce system you can print and fax the order and credit card information rather than entering the credit card number on-line.

NorthStar Solutions does not accept purchase orders and cannot provide price quotations or answer questions about the programs. Please do not contact them about those things---they cannot help you, and they charge John Philo a fee for each such call or e-mail! 

You will also need to give NorthStar the user name and institution, and an e-mail address and/or fax number for delivery of your serial number to unlock the program. Note that what is needed is the e-mail or fax for the person receiving the license, not those of the purchasing agent! If the name on the credit card is not the end user, you should add the end user's name and e-mail in the comment section (or better still, also fill out John Philo's order form and fax that to 1-805-492-6413).

NorthStar notifies John Philo about your order by e-mail, so normally you will receive your serial number within 24-48 hours.

The NorthStar Solutions web site address is http://www.nstarsolutions.com The specific order page for these programs is http://www.nstarsolutions.com/store/home.php?provider=JohnPhilo or you can find the programs under NorthStar's 'Miscellaneous' category.

Purchase Orders

Institutional or company purchase orders can be accepted directly by John Philo, as long as payment can be made by check (not wire transfer) in U.S. funds, and provided that payment will be made within 30 days. 

Please also print out and include the order form with your order. 

Please note that NorthStar Solutions will not accept purchase orders; they must be placed directly with John Philo.

Also please note that academic discounts are granted solely at the discretion of John Philo. This privilege will be revoked for institutions that fail to pay promptly.

Using a purchase order generally will not significantly delay receiving your license. The license is issued as soon as an order is received (without waiting for payment). Also, if your trial period is expired you may wish to contact John Philo and ask for an extension while your purchasing bureaucracy generates an order.

Your purchasing department will probably want the following information to establish a new vendor account, so it is a good idea to print or copy/paste this whole section about P.O.'s and include it with your requisition:

Legal business name: John Philo, software consultant 
Address to send P.O.: 1820 Froude St., San Diego, CA 92107 U.S.A.
Address to send payment: same as above
Type of business: sole proprietorship, small business, not minority-owned 
Tax ID #: for security reasons please contact John Philo directly for this information
Vendor payment terms: net 30 days 
Vendor contact name, title, and phone: John Philo, owner, 1-619-326-8770, fax 1-619- 752-6658

Pre-paid Orders

Pre-payments by check or money order should be made out to 'John Philo, software consultant' and mailed to 1820 Froude St., San Diego, CA 92107, U.S.A. Please print out and include the order form.